A Brief Collection Of Our Work


A Brief Collection Of Our Work

Brand Awareness

Avant Group

Branding videos are a great way to build brand awareness whilst showing who you are and what you do. Like the above video for Avant Group, a branding piece is the cornerstone for any businesses marketing strategy and conveys your values and strengths in a concise but powerful way.

Product & Service

Brother Alec

In the age of social media, long winded and broad videos can lose a viewer’s attention quickly. For social media content creation we recommend short, sharp videos showcasing just one of your businesses key products or services. This keeps the attention of potential customers and allows us to create several videos for a higher quantity of content.

Motion Design

Halloween Hysteria

Motion design is one of the most versatile tools in a videographer’s arsenal. It can be used to promote a brand or event where conventional filming and editing isn’t feasible or can be used to add a little flare to other types of content. Check out our motion design flyer for Halloween Hysteria and let us know how we can help promo your business!

Event Promotion

Muddy Hell
Nothing captures the energy and excitement of an event like a video. For attendees it’s a strong and personal reminder of why they use your business or brand. For potential customers it puts them in the shoes of someone who was there and let’s them experience a taste of what your events are like ”

Product Demonstration

Binder Way

If your business or products require assembly or the use of complex systems, we can help create a simple step by step explainer video for both internal or external use.

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